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Sarah Kermalli May 01, 2017 • 4 min read
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When you look at your company’s shipping process, do you ever wish it could be just a little more automatic? If so, there’s probably some things you’re overlooking which could do just that! You might be thinking, “Why should I automate?” Here are a few reasons that automation should be at the top of your list.

Less Errors

Often things can simply be overlooked. Miscalculations on shipping can cost your eCommerce business over-time dearly. But you can eliminate that problem by implementing automation into you shipping practices. A program like eOrder can integrate into your shopping cart with the shipping already calculated so there are no missteps or underestimation. You won’t have to judge each order individually and try to come up with a unique price, which can lead to many shipping errors.

Increased Customer Service

How much will it cost your company to lose a customer? Clients want a pleasant customer experience. If each order is done by hand, you have less people to communicate with your clientele and greater chance for mistakes. Customers want to know that their order is well handled and will arrive when promised. They need things like tracking numbers and an estimated arrival time. By automating this process, the information they need is sent to them directly and accurately, leaving your company more time to communicate effectively with your clients.

Organizational Control and Loss Prevention

Your eCommerce business may have many different products to distribute. How many times have you had to evaluate the order, select the products, judge the shipping, pack the order, all just to have it sent back because it was wrong? This is common when shipping manually. Products get disorganized, lost, or sent to the wrong person. When you automate into a pick and pack system, this trouble is completely gone. You don’t have to worry about the organization of your product or whether it’s accurate to the order.

Accurate Reporting

Shipping reports without automation are difficult to track because each one must be accounted for individually which leaves a lot of room open for errors to occur. An order could be counted twice or not at all. With an automated shipping solution, reports are organized into a single place and are easily accessed to account profit and loss as well as inventory. When your reporting is accurate, you have a better scope of where your business is heading and how you can improve.


Everyone knows that time equals money. The more time you save, the more profit opportunities you have. By allowing an automation system to handle your shipping needs, your work time decreases exponentially because you don’t have to worry about delivering every single order by hand. Your orders will be picked and sent directly. You can streamline multiple tasks into a single process. That way you have more time to focus on growing your eCommerce business to bring in more clientele and more profit.

The best automated shipping solution for your company is eShipper. We have many ways for you to streamline your processes. With so many innovative technologies on the market right now, eShipper’s automation can bring your company up to modern standards and make life easier for you and your eCommerce business. Contact us today for more shipping solutions.

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