5 Benefits of a Great Customer Service Experience

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Sarah Kermalli May 23, 2017 • 4 min read
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A great customer service experience is, by far, the most important aspect to building a profitable company. The clientele have the to power to choose between any competitors that offer varying levels of service. A White House Office of Consumer Affairs study found that nearly 80% of all US consumers would rather pay more for a product or service if they could have a superior customer experience.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

In a report by McKinsey & Company, they found if a business focuses on their overall customer journey, satisfaction rose on average over 20% for their clientele. Customer satisfaction makes or breaks a company because a customer will seek out a competitor if they don’t feel like their choice is appreciated as it should be. When a customer is satisfied, they are more inclined to become loyal patrons of that business. Try to find where you can improve your overall customer journey to give the best service your company can.

The Customer is Your Best Salesperson

Think about a time you dealt with a company that you really liked. Everything about that experience made you want to use them again. Did you keep that company to yourself? No, more than likely, you told everybody. You probably recommended that company whenever a similar need was brought up around you. People will do the same for your company if they are as satisfied. Recommendations and personal promotions, otherwise called word-of-mouth, is one of the most powerful advertising tools for a company and it only comes from a satisfied client. When you handle a customer, make sure to keep in mind that 83% of people will buy a product based on a personal recommendation. They will tell all their friends about you.

Creates a Competitive Edge

A competitive edge is based on a company’s willingness to go that extra mile. If a customer feels that they are appreciated, they are more inclined to return and recommend. This gives your company an edge over the competition because you will have a consumer’s loyalty and soon the loyalty of their friends and family. Having a great customer experience is the best way to get a leg up on a rival company.

Improves Work Environment

In an odd twist, having a better customer experience also improves the work lives of your employees. Most of the stress that a worker experiences is either directly or indirectly related to the customer’s satisfaction. When a member of the staff has helped someone by using an effective customer service strategy, they get a sense of accomplishment and, if tracked properly by management, it can become recognition. This gives them an overall satisfaction with their job which creates a more productive environment. So if you focus on creating a good customer experience, you will in turn create a pleasant workplace. Adding personalized touches like custom-tailored crystal plaques to celebrate a job well-done is a great way to boost employee morale and show that you value their contributions.

More Profit

If you utilize your customer experience to create a good working relationship with your clientele, it will translate into profit by increasing sales and reducing the cost of new customer acquisition. A good customer experience creates a bond between your shoppers and your company. Because of this bond, they will be more likely to give you their repeat business and recommend you to others because you care for them and view their needs as important. This gives you the opportunity to increase your cash flow and grow your company.

A great customer experience is paramount to maintaining a lasting company. When you look for a shipping solution, look for a company that knows this. eShipper makes the customer experience their number one priority. Contact us and see how we can help bring your customer experience to the next level!

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