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Hiba Ali May 22, 2019 • 4 min read
eCommerce fulfillment

Custom branding not only steps up your game, but it also creates a seamless transition to your online store for e-commerce. This puts your brand in front of your customers faster and increases recognition within the market. When potential customers see your unique logo, style, or design, it reminds them they have a solution readily available for their situation. Quick access not only increases interaction with your company, it also builds trust.

Here are just four ways that custom packaging and personalized branding work hand in hand to build a better business model:

Branding Recognition Improves Audience Interaction

Audience interactions increase when your brand is easily recognized. Print your logos and business data on the outside of shipping boxes and materials to advertise the company. Not only will your customers recognize the brand quicker, but so will everyone who comes into contact with the boxes and products in the future. When they have a need that your business can solve, they will think of you first. They will also seek you out to answer questions or compare your company with others they have used. Now that they are "in the building," you can interact with your audience.

Support Customer Perception

Design your packaging to support the customer's perception of your core products, values, and commitments. Prominently display social activities and charities that are important to your business. Explain how this impacts people and encourage their involvement on your website. Placing this information in full view of your customers strengthens your message and commitment. When they see you are involved in their world, this provides a way for them to support your business with confidence.

Custom Packaging and Advertising Work Hand-in-Hand

Since shipping and handling costs continue to be a necessary expense, take advantage of this expenditure by prominently displaying your logos and advertising promotions on each and every box, bag, or package. This can inform customers of upcoming events and promotions while offering them additional services or products. This is a quick and easy advertising method that saves money on advertising while still handling day-to-day business with win-win results. 

More Leads

Have you ever been walking through a store when something reminds you of a chore, a problem, or a need you have? Custom packaging reminds your customers you exist and having your logos in front of your customers reminds them you have the solution. Seeing your website, additional products, or even step-by-step instructions on the best way to use an item encourages your audience to act. This brings them to your doorstep so they can gain more knowledge about your company.

Arka and eShipper are teaming up for their eCommerce Fulfillment service, eShipper+, to create packaging that speaks to brands and experiences that delight. If you're interested in custom packaging, you're welcome to contact Arka for recommendations on what packaging might be the most suitable, yet money-saving to keep shipping costs on the down low. Or contact sales@eshipper.com if you're interested in their fulfillment program.

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