4 Tips to Help You Increase Your Sales for Labour Day

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Noor AI Abid Aug 22, 2018 • 2 min read
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For many people, Labour Day offers a chance to spend quality time with family and friends away from the office. But for e-commerce companies and other businesses that deliver goods, Labour Day can present sales-related challenges. Fortunately, you can combat these by following these four tips to help you increase your sales for Labour Day.

Get a head start

Do not wait until the week of Labour Day to come up with a plan of attack. Begin formulating your strategy 3-4 weeks in advance and use social media or email campaigns to send your customers enticing teasers of the incentives you plan to offer in honour of the holiday weekend. 

Launch a contest

Contests are great ways to engage with customers. Review your target audience and be sure to choose a contest that is interesting and a prize that will entice potential participants. Here are a few examples of fun contest themes for Labour Day:

  • Guess how many total labour hours your employees logged in 2017
  • Write a 100 word summary of the most interesting job you ever had 
  • Propose a name for your company mascot

Leave the shipping labour to the experts

One of the best ways to streamline your shipments is to schedule a free consultation with an industry expert. By enlisting the guidance of a trusted professional in the logistics industry, you can increase your on-time deliveries, expand your distribution, and enjoy easy access to rates offered by multiple shipping companies in Canada. Whether you are new to the shipping industry or you already have a strong working knowledge of international shipping companies in Canada, an expert can help you navigate the available courier services in Canada.{{cta('0877bcfd-2b9a-4e3f-aca0-4cd24e62ea0b')}}Promote your overstock items

The weeks prior to Labour Day offer an ideal time to overhaul your inventory and generate a list of overstock items that need to be sold. By promoting these items at a deeply discounted price on social media, you will approach the fourth quarter of the year with a more manageable inventory. Be sure to also feature overstock items in a highly visible area of your website to ensure that people are aware of your promotions.

The Bottom Line

While many businesses and agencies will be closed on Labour Day, you can ramp up your sales with a little advance planning and some attractive incentives. By following the four tips above, you can bolster your sales and give yourself a reason to celebrate the holiday. For more information on optimizing your holiday sales, please contact us. Our friendly logistics analysts look forward to helping you exceed your sales goals through world-class shipping solutions.

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