4 Signs That Unconditional Free Shipping May Be Right For You

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Noor AI Abid Apr 04, 2018 • 3 min read
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Most online stores don’t offer unconditional free shipping. Usually, customers have to meet an order value threshold, or free shipping is only offered during promotional periods.

But in some cases, unconditional free shipping can have great benefits for your e-commerce business. Here are some signs it may be right for you.

1. Your Competition Is Already Doing It

If you are competing with other eCommerce shops that already offer unconditional free shipping, you’ll probably need to do the same.

You will need to carefully monitor your shipping costs, so using a low-priced shipping method like SmartePost from eShipper is a good idea.

2. You Need To Set Yourself Apart From The Pack

You can really make a name for your eCommerce company if you offer free shipping on all of your items.

Companies such as Zappos and L.L. Bean have used this strategy very effectively.

This will only work if you have healthy profit margins. And that leads us to point #3.

3. You Sell Small, Lightweight, High-Margin Goods

If you sell heavy and expensive items with a low profit margin, you probably can’t offer unconditional free shipping.

However, if you sell lightweight and high-margin items, you may be able to simply “eat the cost” of free shipping. You can use a service like Smartepost to ship these items inexpensively.

The cost of shipping is nothing compared to the marketing and sales value of free shipping. 90% of customers say that free shipping is the #1 shopping incentive that eCommerce businesses can offer.

4. You Need To Reduce Customer Service Complaints And Questions

Free shipping is a great way to cut down on customer complaints

Not only that, you won’t have to deal with shipping fee refunds, which makes tracking your cash flow easier.

You also will get better customer reviews, because when customers return items and have to pay return shipping, or don’t get shipping fees refunded, they may be angry or upset.

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