3 Reasons Return Shipping Is A Must Have For Your Customers

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Noor AI Abid Feb 08, 2018 • 4 min read
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Returns are one of the unfortunate realities of running a web store or an eCommerce business. Customers don’t always get exactly what they want, or they might accidentally order or receive the wrong item. So what should you do?

Use return shipping labels! Pre-printed, free return shipping labels are easy to use, and though they may cost you a bit of money for shipping and processing, they are absolutely essential for your customers. Why? Find out below!

1. Nobody Want To Print Out Their Own Return Shipping Labels

It may seem silly to say this, but it’s true. The process of going online, logging into a store, and downloading a return label is kind of a pain – at least, compared to grabbing the return label straight from the box, slapping it on, and putting the package return shipping back in the mail!

A great customer experience is all about convenience. The more convenient you can make the shopping, shipping, and return process, the better your customer satisfaction rates will be – and that means more sales. It’s as simple as that.

2. Return Shipping Speeds Up The Entire Return Process – For You And Your Customers!

The faster you get a return from a customer, the better. Why?

  • You can issue a refund more quickly, which improves customer satisfaction
  • You can restock the item and resell it
  • You ensure your inventory is properly marked and tracked

Even just a few extra days of turnaround time can make a difference. That’s why pre-printed return shipping labels from a company like eShipper are so great.

When customers don’t get pre-printed return labels, they may delay their return, and even risk violating your return policy.

But when a pre-printed sticker is provided with the box, and all they have to do is put it on and drop it off at a shipping office, it’s much easier and faster, both for you and your customers.

3. Return Shipping Is A Big Deal When Making Buying Decisions

Modern customers expect free returns. Giant online retailers like Amazon, Zappos, and others have made it a standard practice. They usually issue pre-printed return labels to make things easier if you want to return at item. This has great results:

  • 82% of surveyed customers said that they were “more likely” to purchase in item from a retail company that offers free returns
  • 94% of customers are more likely to purchase items from your store if you also offer free shipping.

Return Shipping – A Great Investment In Your Customers, And Your Company!

Offering free, simplified return shipping is going to cut into your profit margins slightly – that’s unavoidable. But in the long run, you’ll benefit from a lower turnaround time on returns and purchases, more long-term satisfied customers, and increased profits – guaranteed.

So think about how your eCommerce business or company can benefit from pre-paid return shipping, and head toeShipper to learn more about the benefits of timely, reliable shipping services!

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