3 Free Resources for Canadian Businesses to Go Global

Imtiaz Kermali
Imtiaz Kermali Dec 03, 2018 • 3 min read

Taking your company global can help you reach new audiences and expand your earning potential. International business can be complicated, though. Each country has different rules and regulations, and even the logistics of getting your goods from your facility to another country can be difficult.

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources that can help Canadian entrepreneurs grow their businesses beyond the country's borders. Three excellent options that you can access for no cost include:

Magnet Export Portal

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The service connects business owners with new markets, relevant government funding programs and export events. Users will also be able to see upcoming trade missions that match their business type. Keeping up with new opportunities and updates about your initiatives is easy, since you can set your profile to deliver information right to your inbox.

Export Development Canada


As beneficial as bringing your business to the international stage may be, it can also come with a fair amount of risk. Identifying and carefully considering these risks isn't always simple or intuitive. Smart entrepreneurs turn to people who are experts in risk to help them out. That's where Export Development Canada comes in. EDC is an export credit agency that provides financial services and insurance to Canadian companies with their sights set on international business opportunities. They also give entrepreneurs indispensable knowledge on doing business internationally, help find export opportunities lucrative to their business, and connect Canadian business owners to global supply chain opportunities.

World Trade Centre Toronto


The World Trade Centre Toronto is the trade services branch of the The Toronto Region Board of Trade. The Board's goal is to make Toronto a leader in international business, and works to accomplish this by introducing Canadian companies to international markets. Services like trade advising, trade education, inbound and outbound trade missions and workshops all help to make Canadian businesses competitive on the world's stage.

Each of these services are free to use and have the potential to bring your business to a new level. Plus, eShipper works with all three of them. In fact, EDC and eShipper recently created a new program that provides competitive shipping rates, logistic support and, of course, the risk expertise EDC is known for. To learn more about how EDC and eShipper can help your business grow, contact us or email us at edc@eshipper.com.

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