10 Top Shopify Apps to Sell More

Shopify apps for sell more
Firepush Sep 01, 2021 • 4 min read
Shopify apps for sell more

Surf the trends.

Keep shipping times short.

Promote your business on social media.

These are just some of the tactics that increase sales that we can find online. All are good and worth trying, so business owners recommend them to both new and fast-growing Shopify stores.

The fastest way to try most sales tactics? With Shopify apps, of course. Want to promote your store on social media? Get an Instafeed app. Slashing order shipping times is easier with a dedicated order fulfillment app. And so on.

In this post, we’re sharing the 10 best Shopify apps to try popular tactics to increase sales. Whether you want to start a customer loyalty program, do email marketing, or speed up shipping to delight customers, you’ll find a great app here.

1. Firepush


Firepush is an omnichannel remarketing app that allows Shopify store owners to capture leads and nurture them via three channels: emails, SMS, and push notifications. You can build lists of subscribers and share your marketing messages: sales promotions, brand news, updates, new products, and special offers.

Using Firepush is a way to build a loyal customer base, get regular business, and recover abandoned carts. Creating emails, SMS, or push notification campaigns is quite easy thanks to a straightforward dashboard, so this Shopify app is suitable for beginners. There’s a free plan and a trial with all features, too.

2. eShipper

eShipper - Best Canadian Shipping companies

Short shipping times are one of the keys to a positive customer experience. Keeping deliveries quick is a must because one-third of customers abandon businesses after a single negative experience. eShipper is an app that helps speed up deliveries while keeping shipping costs down.

This Shopify app is a complete shipping and order fulfillment service for stores, built to ensure fast deliveries and satisfied customers. Thanks to agreements with the world’s most trusted carriers provided by eShipper, you can enjoy some of the fastest order delivery times (even with international shipments) and reasonably low costs.

3. Wisepops


Want to capture more leads on your website? One good way to do that is with website popups and embedded email forms. Wisepops is one of the top-rated Shopify apps in this category, featuring all kinds of forms and popups to capture the emails of visitors.

You can design custom popups with an editor or use some from the built-in template gallery. Shopify store owners often use popups to build email lists, announce sales, give away discount codes, and share other marketing information. This way, they raise awareness of marketing offers and convert website visitors.

4. Bundle Bear

Bundle bear

Discounts are a sure-fire way to get Shopify sales. Bundle Bear will help you perfect your discount strategy and increase the average order value, automatically. This handy Shopify app lets you set up bulk and/or specific discounts to encourage visitors to buy.

To help you find out which discount strategy generates the most orders and revenues, Bundle Bear has a built-in tracking tool. You can monitor the performance of every discount you created and optimize your strategy to get more revenues.

Bundle Bear syncs with Shopify perfectly, and you can install it in a few clicks. Besides bundles and discounts, you can also choose to add free gifts, free shipping, and other attractive perks to win more sales.

5. Smile: Rewards & Loyalty


About 37% of online shoppers say that rewards and points are effective to secure their loyalty. That’s a lot of potential customers, and you need to have a loyalty program in place to appeal to them. Smile is one of the best Shopify apps to help you create such a program.

You’ll be able to build a custom loyalty program and choose many ways to reward customers for orders, newsletter signups, reviews, and other actions. Reviews from Smile’s users suggest that the app is very easy to use for beginners, so it’s suitable for business owners of all skills.

Another good thing about Smile is its referral feature. You can generate custom referral links and send them to your customers to encourage them to invite friends to shop. Analytics are available to help you track performance.

6. Referral Candy

Referral Candy

If you’re like a dedicated referral and affiliate marketing app, consider Referral Candy. This top-rated Shopify app gives you everything you need to encourage new referral and affiliate orders: popups for email capture, dedicated loyalty program pages, various rewards, and analytics to track performance.

Referral Candy has no limits on referrers and redemptions, so you can expand your programs as much as you need. Although the app has no free plan, you can try out all features for 30 days and familiarize yourself with how loyalty programs work.

Of course, you won’t need a developer to add any loyalty program-related pages or popups to your store. Everything is done without coding, so you can launch your program in as little as one day.

7. Clever


Google Ads are perfect for giving your store a quick traffic boost and generating sales. Clever is an app that you can use to create Google Ad and Shopping campaigns and drive high-quality traffic to your store.

There are several good reasons to use Clever. First, it generates keywords to target with your campaigns automatically, which saves a lot of time. Second, it creates banners and display ads for you based on your preferences. Third, Clever includes retargeting campaigns to allow you to target those who visited your store and left without buying.

According to Shopify store owners’ reviews, Clever is perfect for those just starting their journey with creating online ad campaigns. Some even suggested that it’s better than the native Google ads app that requires some previous expertise in creating and setting up campaigns.

8. Smart Search Bar

Smart serarch bar

Search is very important for shoppers to find products, and you can improve yours with a Smart Search Bar. This Shopify app adds useful features like product suggestions, advanced spelling recognition, misspelled word recognition, and even recognition of synonyms.

This way, you can simplify and speed up the search for products on your Shopify store. With Smart Search Bar, they will get better suggestions and results, which will make product search more comfortable.

Smart Search Bar is designed to match the design of your store. So, it won’t stand out and look perfectly natural. Quality coding also ensures that your store won’t slow down because of this new feature.

9. Tidio


Tidio is an app you can use to add live chat to your store. Since up to 92% of shoppers report being satisfied with the quality of support given via live chat, it can become a way to connect with more users and share promotions.

It’s possible to add live chat to any page on your website, which increases your chances to sell. Tidio allows you to start conversations with customers proactively, so you can, for example, begin chatting with visitors on product pages and offer them discounts or other perks.

Tidio is completely free to use, so it won’t affect your budget. The free plan contains most of the features you need to sell, and is very easy to use, according to reviews from other Shopify store owners.

10. Judge.me

judge me

About 94% of customers say that positive reviews make them more likely to use a business. Judge.me is one of the top-rated Shopify apps for collecting and managing reviews that you can use to generate more sales.

The app gives you everything you need to start building a reputation for your business. There are popups, emails, and other tools to collect reviews from customers—plus everything is automatic to save you time. And, you get different ways to display those collected reviews on your store: dedicated pages, carousels, banners, and others.

If you’re new to review collection and management, consider using the free version of Judge.me. You get unlimited review requests with emails and other tools, so you can learn techniques to encourage customers to share their thoughts.

Best Shopify Apps: Final Thoughts

Shopify apps are the best way to try different techniques to increase sales. Since they help automate many processes and tasks, you can save a bunch of time and generate decent results. Consider using the apps we’ve reviewed for your store—their effectiveness is proven by numerous positive reviews from fellow Shopify store owners.

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