Take control of your supply chain.

Streamline your supply chain from origin to final destination with holistic transportation solutions custom built for your business. Harness the power of SmarteFreight’s comprehensive freight capabilities and eShipper’s technology to seamlessly deliver your product to the market, leveraging a wide network of providers to move your freight by air, ocean, rail, and ground. Gain full command of your supply chain, with freight, shipping, warehousing and fulfillment all on one platform, bolstered by expert advice for unparalleled operational efficiency.

Experience all the benefits of working with two major supply chain powerhouses in North America, with a single point of contact available every step of the way.

Move freight intelligently

Optimize your logistics with a holistic, customized transportation solution that effectively manages every aspect of movement for your business.

Take the complexity out of international shipping and move goods anywhere in the world, to and from North America. With local and global market intelligence, a wide carrier network, and door-to-door tracking, we simplify the air shipping process to meet your most demanding freight service needs.

Air Freight

Move your cargo from origin to destination with full visibility and tracking capabilities. Whether it’s less-than-container loads, full container loads or oversized cargo, get a tailor-made solution for your freight that maximizes routing and transit time efficiency, at competitive rates with door-to-door and port-to-port tracking for every journey. 

Ocean Freight

Get access to eShipper’s extensive North American truck carrier network. You’ll receive the most competitive rates and services across our local, regional and national network of reliable carriers, including FTL, LTL, flatbeds, tankers and reefers, with door-to-door tracking and backhaul visibility. 


Harness the power of global reach with our robust ground, air, ocean and rail networks. Reduce emissions and optimize time and shipping costs and keep the momentum going across your entire supply chain—all while maintaining full visibility of your shipments. 

Rail & Intermodal

How it works

1. Sign Up

Sign up for a free account, with no set-up or monthly fees

2. Free Audit

Get a free audit from one of our experts

3. Dedicated Onboarding

Your Account Manager handles all your shipments, from LTLs to full container loads

4. Expansive Network

Enjoy access to eShipper’s curated global network of freight partners with preferred rates

5. Tracking Visibility

We ship your cargo with door-to-door tracking for full visibility


Your Dedicated Onboarding Expert will get in touch.

Your holistic freight ecosystem

Streamline your workflow

Increase productivity and efficiency with end-to-end freight solutions custom built to optimize your logistics operations.

Synchronize your operations

Integrate all your sales channels, get full shipment visibility, and gain deeper shipping insights to scale your individual growth.    

Let us manage your inventory

Streamline your processes with warehousing and fulfillment managed down to the last detail, while maintaining full visibility and control over your inventory. 

Unlock your growth

Grow your business with in-depth consultations and audits from our in-house experts to improve strategic decision-making across your supply chain processes.   

Freight solutions for every business

Whatever your industry, we’ve built out tailored solutions for your business to streamline processes and enhance efficiencies because one size does not fit all. 

Medical Equipment

Ship fragile, heavy, and oversized medical equipment safely and securely.

Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals

Maintain safety standards with secure, controlled shipping for your sensitive or hazardous deliveries. 

Light & Heavy Machinery

Move machinery with ease, whatever its weight or size.

Retail Distribution

Stay on top of operations with your reliable retail logistics partner. 

Marketplace Distribution

Scale your business with smooth, easy distribution across all your marketplace channels. 

Dangerous Goods

Get peace of mind with safe solutions for the handling and transportation of dangerous goods. 

Tankers & Petroleum

Transport your oil and petroleum freight swiftly and expertly, with strict safety controls to protect your cargo.


Enjoy versatile, reliable solutions for your flatbed freight, with expert loading and unloading and route optimization.

Elevated your shipping strategy with a free freight audit

Cut costs and maximize efficiencies with a shipping analysis by our logistics experts. From carrier rates to shipping and packaging analysis—so you can hone in your shipping strategy and optimize your savings. 


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