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eShipper and Export Development Canada help Canadian businesses take on the world

Rizwan Kermalli, Imtiaz Kermali and Mo Datoo with EDC's (Export Development Canada) team

eShipper is proud to launch a new alliance with Export Development Canada (EDC), a financial Crown Corporation, that will support Canadian businesses in their efforts to go, grow and succeed internationally.

As opportunities for international expansion arise, many Canadian business owners are apprehensive about branching out due to the uncertainty involved. When considering the opportunity to expand, owners often struggle with answering these questions:

  • Which marketplace has a real need for my product?
  • Who are my competitors?
  • Will I be profitable?
  • How can I trust a global buyer to pay me?
  • Will I be able to take a bank loan and pay it back?

eShipper is the first logistics and e-commerce company to form a strategic alliance with EDC to help Canadian companies meet their international business goals. Through this collaboration, Canadian companies looking to ship their products outside of Canada, will have access to an array of solutions and international risk experts to help them along their exporting journey.

“I am delighted to announce this collaboration with EDC, which will help more Canadian entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses into global markets,’’ says Imtiaz Kermali, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at eShipper. “Our drive to share insights and thought leadership in the market are echoed within this alliance with EDC and we are excited to create more international opportunities for our customers.”

“At EDC we know companies that export do better – they’re more profitable, more innovative and more resistant to business risk – so it’s important for Canada to enable as many companies as possible to explore business outside our borders,” said Mike Neals, Vice-President of Partner Channels at EDC. “That’s exactly what eShipper does with its shipping solutions, so we’re excited to collaborate with them and further strengthen Canada’s ecosystem of support for global-minded companies.”

EDC simplifies international business by:
  1. Reducing the uncertainties of exporting by offering insurance protection that lowers the risk to companies that sell outside of Canada.
  2. Managing and taking on risk so that companies can access capital and grow internationally.
  3. Providing expertise that enables companies to make informed decisions and learn more about international markets.
  4. Leveraging its connections across Canada and in markets around the world to introduce Canadian companies to new customers, agents, distributors and other partners.
About eShipper

eShipper fosters the growth of their 18,000 customer strong network by working with the world’s most trusted carriers to offer highly competitive rates on shipping. eShipper is equipped with a team of logistics experts to offer scalability strategies, tailored shipping and eCommerce programs, and fulfillment and warehousing solutions. eShipper’s main goal is to remove the complexity of shipping from business owners so that they can focus on their core sales and marketing competencies.

About Export Development Canada (EDC)

EDC is dedicated to helping Canadian companies, of all sizes, go, grow and succeed beyond our borders. As international risk experts, EDC provides exporters with knowledge, financing, insurance and connections. EDC also provides financial solutions to global companies to encourage them to buy from Canada.

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