Claim Guidelines

We strive to make your claims experience fast and painless.

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Claims Guidelines.

To ensure that your claims experience is smooth, please follow the below guidelines:
  • A loss or damage claim should be submitted within 30 days of a shipment being delivered (the sooner the better)
  • A service failure claim should be submitted within 10 calendar days
  • To submit a claim simply follow these steps, click here
  • Ensure the following documents are provided when submitting a claim:

Sales Invoice<

Sales Invoice

Cost/Purchase Invoice

Cost/Purchase Invoice

Damaged Product

Photos of the Damaged Product

Damaged Box

Photos of the Damaged Box

Shipment Packaging

Photos of How the Shipment is Packaged

*Please allow eShipper 30-60 days to process your claim

Always Remember To Do The Following


  • Package shipments properly using as much material (at least 2” of bubble wrap, use styrofoam to cover entire product, etc.) to protect the product
  • Advise consignee to hold damaged shipment in its original packaging once a claim is submitted
  • When purchasing eShipper Insurance: declared value MUST be the selling Price (Sales Invoice) of the product (s)


  • Do not use old/reused boxes to ship out products (carriers will deny claim as this is considered “improper packaging”)
  • Do not move shipment (shipment needs to stay at the location until carrier completes damage inspection)
  • Do not throw away damaged product and/or packaging
  • Do not over Insure or under insure the declared value of the product(s).
  • Most common reasons why claims get denied:
    • Improper Packaging
    • Shipper’s Risk items (Glass, liquid, food, perishables, TV’s)
  • Insurer will not cover shipments/products containing the following: bills, currency, cellphones/cellular devices, deeds, evidence of debt, furs, original/fine art, money, notes, securities, perishable cargo (food, live plants - coral reefs, etc., live animals - fish, reptiles, etc.), unless endorsed in writing. For a full list of items click here for our Terms & Conditions

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