eShipper Partners with Rivo to Launch Air Shipping Service

eShipper May 02, 2022 • 3 min read

Canada’s leading eCommerce shipping and fulfillment provider, eShipper, is pleased to announce its partnership with Rivo to democratize faster shipping for small to medium size businesses. eShipper x Rivo brings the largest carrier network together with a seamless consumer experience for an unbeatable air shipping solution.

With Canada’s largest flight network and trusted ground delivery partners behind it, Rivo is Air Canada’s eCommerce delivery service. eShipper has partnered with Rivo in response to the growing need for faster, more reliable shipping at lower prices; the partnership gives Rivo access to eShipper’s 21,000-strong customer base and allows eShipper’s clients to offer fast, cost-effective delivery that reflects positively on their brand.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with eShipper as we continue down the path to bring fast and cost competitive shipping to Canadian businesses by leveraging the largest network of flights and trusted ground delivery partners. We pride ourselves on using technological solutions, creativity and simplified handling to provide value to our customers and enhance the overall customer experience

Rishi Puran, Director, Global eCommerce at Rivo.

In an era of unprecedented eCommerce growth, customer expectations are at an all-time high– and for the majority of consumers, shipping has become the most important part of the eCommerce experience. Online businesses understand that shipping directly influences their customers’ brand sentiment and determines whether or not shoppers support them again. eShipper x Rivo offers a tailored air shipping experience, providing customers with a faster, more accurate and personable shipping service and ensuring that merchants never have to compromise speed for price again.

eShipper is proud to have been chosen as a partner of Rivo, Air Canada’s game changing air parcel service for the eCommerce world. Utilizing Canada’s largest fleet of planes and hubs across Canada, Rivo delivers outstanding speed at the most competitive rates in the industry. As a Canadian company, we are honoured to be associated with Rivo and Canada’s largest and most trusted airline to bring an out-of- the-box shipping solution to our customers. Together we look forward to changing the express parcel landscape

Rizwan Kermalli, CEO of eShipper.

The service provides customers with coast-to-coast coverage, significant savings on air shipping, and fast delivery within 2-3 days. With eShipper x Rivo, eCommerce businesses can reduce transit times by an average of 60% without paying extra for air services. The service also gives consumers peace of mind with precise tracking technology and multiple scanning points for a transparent shipping journey.

eShipper x Rivo is available Canada-wide. Packages up to 66 lbs are accepted, with maximum dimensions of 50”x30”x30”.

The service is available today through the eShipper platform. Businesses can sign up for a free eShipper account to access the service, along with multichannel eCommerce integrations, automated processing, and 24/7 customer support from dedicated account managers.

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About eShipper:

eShipper is an end-to-end shipping and eCommerce fulfillment solution that allows businesses to scale through integrations, automated processes, supply chain consultancy, fulfillment solutions, and competitive shipping prices.

About Rivo:

Rivo is the eCommerce delivery division of Air Canada Cargo, offering fast, door-to-door service from coast-to-coast, courtesy of Canada's largest flight network and supported by Canada’s most trusted ground delivery partners.

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