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Amazon FBA

Shipping to Amazon shouldn't be this difficult!

Amazon FBA shipping solutions

That's why we've created SmarteLogistix, an eShipper-exclusive program that allows you to streamline your Amazon FBA shipping process from a single platform.

Benefits of our Amazon FBA Program ⇣

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Benefits of our Amazon FBA shipping program.

Competitive Rates

eShipper gives you competitive rates on shipping through UPS to all Amazon Fulfillment Centres across North America. We are authorized UPS partners. UPS is the preferred Amazon carrier, meaning they don’t need to schedule an appointment to drop off or pick up items from their warehouse - they can go in and out at any time. Other carriers may not get an appointment for a week from the date they apply, which can cause delays in your shipments being delivered.


Sellers to Amazon often face challenges when trying to ship freight to an Amazon warehouse such as:
  • No discounts on LTL shipping
  • Storage fees
  • Difficulty scheduling after hours delivery appointments
  • Long waiting times
eShipper has created an exclusive solution for merchants who want to ship LTL to Amazon. You’ll get access to prefered Amazon freight carriers while also enjoying a streamlined shipping process.


Our online platform supports automation for shipping to Amazon FBA. Create a shipment in under 2 minutes and schedule pickups from anywhere in North America. Track your package at any time.

Customer Service

When you sign up to eShipper as an Amazon seller, we’ll connect you to an account rep. All our account reps have thorough knowledge and experience with Amazon’s processes and requirements. They’ll be in contact with the carrier to ensure that they are managing Amazon’s appointments on Carrier-Central for LTL shipments and necessary information required for Amazon to accept the shipment.

Your account rep will be available to speak to you over WECHAT, Skype and WhatsApp. eShipper also provides you with a dedicated bilingual team to manage your account.

US-based drop off solutions

Your dedicated rep can help provide creative solutions for US based Amazon drop off such as building line hauls and dedicated runs for high volume customers. We provide simple and competitive brokerage services for Amazon FBA shipping that need to go across the border.

FBM Solutions

eShipper can also provide cost effective and efficient solutions to sellers who use Amazon FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant). We know that a reliable shipping service is especially crucial for FBM sellers. Bad reviews are taken seriously by Amazon and they have the rights to refund the customer and shut off the seller account. Our dedicated reps understand the importance of abiding by all Amazon FBM rules while providing you with the most trusted and affordable shipping solutions.

eShipper is working closely with Amazon sellers to meet the criteria of Amazon Prime. Amazon now allows sellers to hold Prime status as long as they meet the criteria of 2 day shipping. eShipper’s 360 program will be working to ensure its customers can now meet this criteria so that they don’t have to store their products with Amazon.

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