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What Do Canadian Shoppers Want?

Dive into the consumer attitudes and key generational trends driving the way eCommerce businesses attract, convert and retain customers in 2023– and get ready to refine and streamline your Q4 strategy for a profitable end to the year and a successful jumpstart into 2024.
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Key Takeaways

Flexible payment opitons are key to driving sales and meeting customer expectations

The majority of Canadian shoppers would be inclined to make a purchase online if a Buy Now Pay Later solution is available, making flexible payment options practical for consumers and profitable for businesses.

Free shipping builds brand recognition, increases customer loyalty, and improves conversion rate.

With shoppers across all generations saying they would spend more to qualify for free shipping, offering complimentary delivery incentivizes shoppers to increase their cart value and significantly boosts revenue.

Simplified returns increase purchase confidence and enhance the customer experience.

In-person box-free return methods have widespread appeal, and eCommerce businesses that are proactive in creating a positive return experience are more likely to win customers and nurture brand loyalty.

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Behaviour Report
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