Shipping solutions

eShipper will manage shipping for all your members seamlessly.

Buying Group Program

We understand how important value and savings are to your members, so whether you have ten companies or hundreds of members, eShipper is the partner of choice to make shipping easier and more affordable.

At eShipper, we discovered that many companies often struggle with streamlining their shipping process and are faced with a number of challenges including:

Poor customer service, Lack of shipping options, Unfavorable shipping rates, Inefficient shipping platform, Expensive detail costs and extra charges

Our shipping model is designed to alleviate your members’ pain-points while tailoring a solution that meets their specific needs. Our aim is to provide a shipping solution that can be managed flawlessly while developing the most affordable solution for your members, so they can continue to delight their customers.

Here’s the value you’re offering to your members when you partner with eShipper:

View Multiple Carrier Services

Multiple online quotes from trusted carriers

Competitive rates

Savings on domestic & international shipping

Access to our 24/7 Operations department

In-house customer service

Real-time tracking and tracing of shipments

Real-time tracking & Tracing

Free pickup services

Free pickups scheduled online

Integration into all major shopping carts

Integration to major shopping carts

eShipper works with thousands of buying group members to create a tailored solutions based on individual needs.

To make everyone’s life simpler, we’ve come up with a process to get your members up to speed on the eShipper platform:

  1. Get a tailored platform when your members partner with eShipper
  2. Access to new accounts instantly
  3. Onboard members and get them started with eShipper – we use a variety of training techniques and tailor a program based on your members’ needs
  4. See the savings and grow your business. With eShipper’s platform already designed to give our members amazing savings on shipping, our buying group rates are second-to-none and are only available to businesses like yours. Your members will thank you, and their customers will be thrilled!

Interested in eShipper’s Buying Group program?

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