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Delight Your Customers with Free Returns

Free shipping on returns is a huge deal for your customers and can influence their purchase decision.



eShipper Can Offer Your Shoppers The Most Positive, Simplified And Convenient Returns Experience Possible.

Using carriers such as Canada Post, UPS and Purolator you are able to send the free returns shipping label when you process your shipment with eShipper and will only be charged for the label if it is used.

Customers get peace of mind knowing they can return their order to you free of charge, and you only get charged if they make a return.

How it Works.

Order management

Step 1:
Pick your carrier!

Canada Post


Warehouse management


Step 2:
Create a return label using your eShipper account when creating the original shipping label, simply include the pre-printed return label in the outbound shipment at no cost to you!

Order Fulfillment

Step 3:
Send a returns label with each order and only get charged if and when the customer decides to return the order. You’re not charged until it’s scanned by the driver!

eShipper is Your Integrated Shipping Solution in The Cloud.

At eShipper, it’s our goal to make your life simpler, and help your business grow by saving you time and money on your shipping process. With over 1 million packages processed and over 17,000 satisfied customers, eShipper is your one-stop shipping expert.

Our Services.


eShipper only works with the most reputable carriers in the world to give our customers the best possible shipping services and rates available.


An eShipper exclusive trackable mail service, comparable to the postal service, for customers that ship domestically, to USA and Internationally.

Our Carriers.


Platform Benefits.

Competitive Rates

Competitive rates from the world's most trusted carriers

Full Tracking

Real-time tracking and tracing of shipments

International and Domestic Shipping

International and domestic shipping

In-House Customer Service

In-house customer service

Shopping Cart Integration

Shopping cart integrations

Pickup Services

Free pickup services

Our eShipper platform is designed to give our customers amazing savings from the world’s most trusted carriers and manage all of your shipping process, all-in-one page.

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