How a 3PL Can Relieve Your LTL Freight Stress

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Noor AI Abid Jun 01, 2022 • 4 min read
LTL freight

It is no secret LTL Freight is necessary but, at times, provides certain obstacles the shipper must overcome. Less-than-truckload shipments are notorious for posing challenges; however, to increase efficiency and find lower shipping rates, you must face these challenges head-on.

You have probably heard of a third-party logistics provider or 3PL. These providers manage your warehousing and shipping - from picking up your product to warehousing it, to distributing it, and to running shipping schedules. With a 3PL you can greatly reduce the stress associated with LTL Freight shipping. Let’s take a look at how:

Define “Stress”

It is good to be aware of where most stress surrounding LTL Freight springs from. Though this varies for everyone and at different extremes, most LTL freight stress has its roots in:

  • The concern that products will be damaged during shipping: LTL shipments are handled many times during their transit, putting them at a greater risk of damage than if they were being shipped as a full truckload. Shippers try to offset this risk by investing resources and time in improving how they pack their goods.
  • The concern that the freight will not arrive on time: Regular LTL shipments are not guaranteed to arrive at a specific time, and should you request guaranteed shipments, your costs will rise.

And LTL freight stress is not irrational: 1 in 10 eCommerce packages are damaged by the time they arrive on the doorstep of a hopeful consumer; and during the 2013 holiday season in America,2 million parcels were late.

3 Ways a 3PL Helps Chase Away Your LTL Freight Blues

1. A 3PL packs your products for you, and they do so with expertise. Just as you are the expert in producing your product, a 3PL is an expert in moving your product.

2. A 3PL is plugged into the current best practices in shipping, whether this is tracking software that never lets anyone down or a management system that further streamlines an efficient supply chain, step by step.

3. You want your customer to receive your product on time, and in perfect condition, but you are working with limited profit margins, and managing costs is essential. A 3PL will have access to volume discounts that you, as an individual shipper, do not, and can work with you to keep your shipping costs reasonable.

At eShipper, we want to reduce the stress of LTL Freight and our expertise in handling LTL Freight-related problems (and more!) allows us to do so. Our clients focus on growing their businesses while we support their efforts by providing outstanding and affordable shipping of their products, freight quotes and more. To learn more about our services contact us today.

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