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  • Simply the BEST! We have been in business since 2003 and we make a lot of shipments, therefore, we have used all the couriers out there. eShipper provides the most competitive rates hands down! This allows us to also be competitive with our rates by passing the savings on to our clients. Our sales rep Amanda is also incredible! She's super quick with email/phone replies and very friendly and professional and caring about what our needs are as a business. She's the best. I absolutely love this company and their website is very user friendly. Things are only looking up with our relationship with eShipper.

    Fard, S


  • I used eShipper for 13 years for my 3D products online business. Try it for yourself and see! They do not make you sign any contract NOR do they hold you to any minimums. It is simply an easy to use online solution that offers very competitive pricing on shipping locally and abroad.

    TMR Trading International


  • eShipper offers the best shipping rate, best customer service and will create a great leverage for any business in need of a shipping solution. eShipper is truly the only ray of hope logistic and shipping solution in Canada.

    Lavigne, E


  • All you need to do is try it, to understand why eShipper is one of the best cost cutting solutions for your business. We have used eShipper for 9 years The eShipper website is easy to use, consistent, and showcases all major carrier rates enabling us to select the best rate and carrier of our choice

    Datoo, B