Tips to Help Prepare your Business for the Back-to-School Season

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Noor AI Abid Aug 29, 2018 • 2 min read

Well, summer is almost over and the "back-to-school" shopping season is upon us which means many parents are flocking to stores to purchase school supplies, clothes, shoes, laptops and many other necessities. Perhaps, that is why the "back-to-school" shopping season is the second-largest retail season in North America. According to an article by eMarketer, this season equates to about 17.2% of total retail sales which makes it a huge opportunity for businesses with lots of revenue potential. Luckily for businesses and procrastinators, now the season is longer than ever, starting in June and extending till September. Here are some lessons on how your business can ace this season both in-store and online.

Lesson #1. In-Store Preparations

Every aspect of your business should be evaluated from the inventory, staff and floor space, to the business' online presence and marketing. Even the staff's uniforms should be considered as an opportunity to endorse key products or sales. This is the best time to get creative by imagining sales that are unique to your business. Almost any retail business can benefit from this time of year because consumers are buying apparel, shoes, school supplies, even electronics. Furniture stores, pet stores, hardware stores or grocery stores can capitalize on this mentality as well. Design sales that target parents, kids, teachers and school employees in particular. You can even create a reward program that features discounts, points or special offers to maintain customer loyalty. In-store coupons/sales will help bring in foot traffic. Marketing is an important aspect of getting the awareness out not only about your business but about the special promotion going on as well.

It's important to design your store around this sales opportunity. Use your prime floor space and power walls to display must-have items and specials. Often times during this season (and every other season), parents are shopping in a hurry so the easier to find the supplies and products they are looking for, the better. Obtain copies of the lists of school supplies requested by the local school district to ensure you are carrying the right variety of products for optimum convenience for your business as well as the consumer. By providing these school-supply lists and even other information about the retail-season, you can ensure your business is a valuable resource of information as well as a supplier of great deals. 

Lesson #2. Online and eCommerce Tips

E-commerce is becoming increasingly popular amongst all shopping demographics. By ensuring your website is up-to-date and you have a strong presence on social media websites, you can get the word out about your business as well as the particular back-to-school sales and products you are trying to promote. Engage with social media platforms with visually stimulating images of all the amazing products that will make this the best school year ever. You can use online-only sales as well as in-cart coupons to help consumers complete the deal. By ensuring your business has a mobile-friendly and well-designed website you will impress consumers with your professionalism. Extra credit if you create landing pages specifically crafted for the back-to-school season{{cta('6a78c629-7deb-4040-ba26-3216aeeb7cf9')}}The important thing to remember about this season is doing your homework. Businesses need to understand what products they will be selling large quantities of and what products may not be high in demand. It's equally important for businesses to have proper timing and execution with their ordering practices. One important thing to consider is where and how you are getting your products. By using an affordable and quick delivery service like eShipper, you can guarantee your business saves time and money. By starting early for the early birds and continuing late into September for the last-minute shoppers, you will maximize revenue by having a strong presence throughout the entire shopping season. For more information about the back-to-school shopping season or anything else shopping or shipping-related, contact us at eShipper, the shipping experts.

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