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Mo Datoo Apr 27, 2016 • read
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Logistics and transportation companies are there to make shipping and logistics simpler and easier for their customers, the same way that social media platforms were designed to make networking and communication easier for companies and individuals. To put it succinctly: Social media is a simple communication solution for companies that love simple solutions.

Here is a look at some of the ways social media for logistics companies has helped improve efficiency in communication about shipping:

Social media has proven to be a great platform for connecting with clients and sharing their knowledge and expertise with them, for free. Circulating helpful tips and information not only makes your company appear experienced and well-versed in the industry, but also creates trust within your existing and potential customer base.

Social media enables potential clients to ask questions about your services directly, and gives existing customers a platform to leave you feedback and reviews. Just remember to respond to questions and feedback within a reasonable amount of time, and treat negative feedback as an opportunity to redeem legitimacy and trust. For example, if someone complains that their package never got picked up and your service is terrible, don't start a debate and try to prove them wrong publicly. Instead, apologize for the inconvenience, drop some information that might be useful to other customers, such as cut-off time to book a pickup, and ask the customer to email or call you to follow up. It's always better to try and respond positively to a negative comment than to delete it altogether, but if someone has written something inappropriate, don't be afraid to remove it off your social media.

Social media is a great place to tell people about your new services and promotions, but keep in mind that it's a two-way communication channel. Unlike traditional marketing and advertising, social media is not the place to spam users with ads that they don't want to see. Instead, post about industry-relevant information, as well as information and topics that spark your target audience's interests. This will give them a reason to follow you online, and will increase your chance of keeping them as a returning customer.

Social media has helped several logistics companies improve their online presence and increase revenue. Genex Logistics was able to increase awareness of their brand with a new Facebook page and Twitter handle. A case study of their social media marketing efforts shows that social media helped them gain more followers and leads.

Cerasis, a top North American logistics company gained 715 leads from a social media and inbound marketing campaign, according to a Fronetics Strategic Advisors case study. Fourteen percent of those leads were converted into customers, resulting in a fourteen percent increase in revenue for the company!

Social media has created a huge impact on businesses around the globe as an awesome networking and marketing tool. It's no surprise that logistics and transportation companies have been taking advantage of the great opportunities that social media provides.

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