Rising Star: How eCommerce Has Transformed the World of Marketing

Sarah Mooney
Sarah Mooney Jun 30, 2022 • 4 Min read
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Marketing: The business strategy being influenced by rising information technologies

The emergence of eCommerce has not only affected the way people make purchases but has also fundamentally altered how marketing works. When businesses began to use eCommerce as a method of operation, retail marketing underwent a dramatic shift. That’s because the internet completely changed the way retailers reach their audience.

Businesses utilize the web to give consumers ongoing data, best-in-class selling, and courier services and support, building long-term connections and stimulating repeat purchases. Most of their marketing activities are conducted online, educating customers and directing them to companies that offer their products and services through eCommerce channels.

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If you run a business, eCommerce gives potential clients access to your products at any time, significantly impacting your overall sales and profits. It also has undeniable benefits for your customers.

  • Customers can shop or complete other transactions anywhere, anytime
  • Customers can get their items delivered on time thanks to a range of competitive courier services
  • Customers have a wider variety of product offerings to choose from 
  • eCommerce permits rapid dissemination, particularly of digital items
  • It enables participation in online auctions
  • In online communities, customers can communicate with one another, share ideas, and compare experiences
  • Customers receive accurate and timely information in a matter of seconds
  • eCommerce encourages competition, which leads to huge price reductions
  • eCommerce broadens the market. With low financial expenditure, businesses can rapidly and effectively locate new clients, suppliers, and business partners anywhere around the globe.
  • It lowers costs by boosting 'pull' supply chain management
  • It reduces the time between capital expenditure and delivery of a product or service
  • It reduces the cost of manufacturing, processing, shipping, storing inventory, and retrieving paper-based data
  • It improves customer service and brand perception

But the success of eCommerce depends not only on its advantages and benefits but also on the elaborate marketing activities that go on behind the scenes. It’s really the power of marketing that has taken eCommerce to the next level, but it’s a new, evolved version of marketing that only came into being with the birth of eCommerce. This revolutionary, symbiotic relationship has redefined how businesses work, beginning with a fundamental change in how they market themselves and reach customers. 

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6 Ways eCommerce Has Transformed Marketing

  1. Accessibility

eCommerce has made retail marketing more accessible and affordable for everyone. Small businesses with limited resources can now readily promote their products or services by utilizing eCommerce selling and shipping (supported by courier companies), all with a reasonable investment.

  1. Multiple Touchpoints

Businesses now have various touchpoints to build brand consistency, such as mobiles, websites, brick-and-mortar stores, online retailers, and social media networks. They can generate brand value by delivering consistently across all these platforms and effectively maintaining real-time communication with customers at every touchpoint. 

  1. Managing the Retail Industry

It would be fair to argue that the internet has total control over the retail industry. eCommerce is an essential part of the retail sector, and online businesses are rushing to discover methods to meet the demands of online shoppers while also maintaining client loyalty through multiple eCommerce platforms.

  1. Elevating Customer Service

With major technological advances also come difficulties. Businesses are under pressure to stand out in a competitive eCommerce landscape, pushing them to constantly evolve and provide the finest customer service. From contact speed to shipment tracking provided by courier companies, effective communication is an essential component of every business’s eCommerce marketing plan.

  1. Understanding Customers

Businesses can cater to their customers’ needs and communicate with them like never before, thanks to insights gained through eCommerce. Companies know and understand their customers because they have access to their purchase history, preferences, and browsing history, giving them unprecedented power to market and sell.  

  1. Mobile Marketing

With more and more customers using their smartphones to research and buy from online shopping apps and websites, marketing on small devices has become just as vital as marketing on bigger screens. Marketers today use responsive themes and templates to ensure that their websites are mobile-friendly. They also use online shipment tracking from courier companies, SMS marketing, and targeted mobile marketing to reach mobile shoppers.

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Online marketers today instill trust and brand recognition in their customers by constantly upgrading their marketing techniques. As long as your business is providing exceptional customer service and delivering products and services on time, you’re probably performing better than your competitors.

As consumer behavior continues to shift when better technologies become accessible, more and more changes to eCommerce marketing trends are inevitable. Just focus on what your consumers want, and you'll be ahead of the competition. To keep your eCommerce business running, be ready to react and respond to new problems and changes. 

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