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Mo datoo
Mo Datoo Mar 25, 2016 • 4 min read
Shipping Services

Awareness is key in every aspect of life and business. Selecting and maintaining the right shipping service for your business is no exception. With technology forever updating, it can be tricky finding the most affordable and efficient vendor to complement your business pursuits. To secure a shipping company that you can be confident in, begin by taking advantage of the resources at your disposal. 

A straightforward route to success in relatively any field of interest is to simply seek the guidance of those who came before you. If they did it, you can do it too. Major players who offer services or products on a global field had to consider the best shipping system to support their businesses at one point. Researching the plans of prominent companies such as eBay or and taking the business type into consideration can supply you with a panoramic view of what works and what does not.

For instance, Amazon has recently gained attention in the personal finance section of Forbes magazine. Contributor Kate Ashford explained that within the last year, the company's focus has shifted to their Prime membership which offers a two-day shipping plan. Since then, Amazon's position as one of the top ten in the industry is no longer secure because of the slow shipping of non-Prime purchases. 

Having achieved some hindsight based on the choices of other companies is still not enough. Selecting a shipping company is nothing like buying men's socks. There is no one size fits all. Luckily, technology advances allow you to get more specific in these matters. User-friendly sites can determine the least costly form of shipping products based upon their size, weight and the distance the goods will travel. 

Even the largest shipping companies out there would be willing to get in touch with you if it means a possible business opportunity. You have options. Small-business owner and columnist Rhonda Abrams put it simply:

"A lot of small businesses think they aren't large enough to negotiate rates with the shipping services, but they can. Open an account, get a rep and talk about options."

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