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Sarah Kermalli
Sarah Kermalli Apr 09, 2016 • 3 min read
Courier Services

As we sometimes tell our kids when they refuse to brush their teeth: there’s a hard way and there’s an easy way. Both get the job done, but only one makes it a breeze. Transfer this line of thought to securing the best courier rate. You can approach it the “hard way.” 

  • Research: You know you will ship X number of parcels, but is it enough to qualify for a volume discount? To answer that question, you may visit the sites of individual courier companies, large and small. Most will allow you to plug in your information in a courier rate calculator. You compare and contrast, weighing pros and cons of each option. (Yes, it is as time consuming as it sounds.) Price-comparison sites will offer a helping hand by listing a compilation of shipping rates, but you could do better, right? 
  • Negotiations: Anyone who has tried to get a toddler to open his mouth for a toothbrush knows skillful negotiation holds the key to success. Negotiating, however, can be an exhausting, stressful experience. After presenting your case to a courier company and doing your best to bring down the price, you may still walk away with that nagging feeling you get after spending the day at a car dealership: did I really get the best deal? Eventually, you will get your package from A to B, but how much time and how many resources did you waste in the process?

Fortunately, there is an easy way. Rather than navigating the websites of multiple service providers, consider eShipper your one-stop connection to all major courier companies. Since we can combine the shipping volumes of our customers, we have been able to negotiate rates well below the lowest published rates that you find on price-comparison sites.

  1. Enter shipping information.
  2. Compare rates from our partner companies.
  3. Select your preferred option, print your label, and ship.

Why settle for one courier company when you can use them all, all on one page? Click here to find out more about eShipper, or contact us if you’d like to speak to someone about your options.

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