Do You Have an Etsy Store? Start Saving on Shipping

Mo datoo
Mo Datoo Jan 10, 2017 • 4 min read

For most small business owner on Etsy, margins rule. Any savings – even if counted in cents – make a difference over time. This is especially true when it comes to shipping.

Regardless of whether you’ve made a name for yourself (Congratulations!) or are just starting out (Good luck!), the cost of shipping deserves to be put under a magnifying glass. Savings – and costs – quickly add up.

  • Perhaps you’re in the habit of using the same carrier for all your needs. Although this may be a convenient arrangement, it likely is not the most cost effective.
  • Or you may be scanning the sites of a range of carriers to find the best deal for each shipment, based on factors such as size, weight, and destination. In the long run, however, you’d be better off using all that time spent online on more pressing business needs (Growth, anyone?). As your business picks up momentum and orders start flowing in, the “search-and-ship” method will eat away at your schedule.
  • If you offer a flat rate of, let’s say, $5, but the real cost is quite a bit higher, you’re left to foot the rest of the bill. Again, over time, you could be sinking way too much money into shipping. If you, on the other hand, manage to lower shipping costs, you could potentially cut your flat rate, which would delight your customers and generate more sales.

The answer is simple: You need access to a range of options with a quick click of a button. Input your shipment information – and reap the benefits. That’s how eShipper’s web-based shipping platform works. eShipper lets you process all of your shipments from one application from the comfort of your desktop.

Our customized web API application easily plugs into your shopping cart or internal system and makes printing shipping labels a breeze (Click a button!). All your shipping information is automatically pulled from your shopping cart and sent to eShipper.

In summary, take your pick among our smorgasbord of negotiated rates, print the shipping label, and send. This is shipping made easy at a price you can afford. 

Click here to learn more about eShipper or contact us for more information.

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