Top 3 Plugins that Will Simplify Your eCommerce Business

Imran Kermalli
Imran Kermalli Jun 20, 2019 • 2 min read

While online stores have been in business for some time now, it is no secret that they have been facing difficulties when streamlining their online activities. These problems range from generating traffic, capturing quality leads, and nurturing ideal prospects. Profit-making has been a challenge, but now the story is changing. International Shipping companies in Canada are reporting a huge surge in volumes. A study by Periscope also shows that more and more shoppers are turning to online stores. This ease of doing business has been made possible by plugins that have simplified the operations of the store owners. Here are the top three must-have plugins that will take your online store business to the next level.   

1. Free Shipping Bar

A study by Epsilon showed that 88% of consumers are driven by the promise of free shipping. Online shoppers will be excited when they notice that orders above 49 dollars will qualify for free shipping. We have all rushed to add that one last item, haven't we? Free Shipping Bar is an innovative plugin developed to do this. With this great plugin, store owners can easily and quickly customize their sites to display a free shipping offer. Free Shipping Bar costs you nothing. Just install it, and you are ready to boost sales. Shipping Companies in Canada and Courier Services Canada has been reporting a surge in customers ordering more than one item since the store owners started using the plugin.   

2. E-MarketPlace Services

Over the years, order processing has been extremely complicated and disorganized.  E-MarketPlace Services (or EMS) solves this problem. With this radical plugin, you will be able to synchronize your orders. Each time, EMS will have all your order details when you want to complete your sales. You will also be able to compare rates offered by different courier services. When it comes to shipping labels, this amazing plugin allows you to print labels right from your browser. That's not all: EMS automatically sends the tracking number to the sales channel.  You can read more about this great plugin here.     

3. Spocket  

Spocket is a revolutionary plugin that makes it easy for International Shipping companies or drop shippers to manage their shipping jobs easily. With your specific parameters, Spocket will help you search for preferred products conveniently. Perhaps the most beautiful future about it is its one-click automation. With this feature, you can add limitless products, including descriptions and images.   

If you would like any help with your shipments across the country, or around the world, we can help you every step of the way. Don't hesitate to contact us.

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