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Coordinate all your shipping needs on a single multi-carrier platform.

From domestic and international courier and freight services, to full order management and warehouse solutions, we've got all of your shipping needs covered!

This is How We Do It.

We use the most trusted domestic and international carriers. Make use of our inbound and outbound capabilities.

Our 360° Solution Program

More Than Just Point A to B?

Our eShip+ services include White Glove and Next Flight Out.

White Glove

Tailored services ensure your shipments receive a special degree of handling and care to meet your demands.

Next Flight Out

Critical service available for time-sensitive shipments delivered without delay.


We Will Manage
it Seamlessly.

Are you a seller in North America that manufactures items overseas, or a seller on Amazon that receives products from there?

We’ve created SmarteLogistix, an eShipper-exclusive program that allows you to streamline your importing process from a single platform.

Our network consists of agents in all major airports in Canada & USA providing dedicated service and support for all your distribution requirements.

Our knowledge and experience with the local landscape, government regulations and customs requirements allow us to provide you with seamless operations across North America.


We Can Sort it Out.

We offer a complete warehousing, inventory and shipping system in Canada and USA.

Do you need your inventory warehoused in our facility or simply want to process your orders from your own location? eShipper can assist in streamlining your workflow. 

Our 360º logistics program enable you to:

Grow your business across borders

Grow your business across borders

Extend your market reach worldwide

Extend your market reach worldwide

Reduce your overhead costs

Reduce your overhead costs

Automate your operations

Automate your operations

Utilize a variety of distribution solutions

Utilize a variety of distribution solutions

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No More Monthly Paper Chases!

Our simple billing ensures you receive only one consolidated invoice detailing all shipping transactions regardless of carrier or service.

One bill = Less paper + Less hassle. It's that simple.

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How in the World Can We Help?

Feed your shipments into our North American distribution network from anywhere in the world


Login and enter your shipping information

Choose a Carrier

Choose a carrier and service

Print and Attach

Print and attach labels to your shipment


Consolidate and ship your packages to any North American port.

Forward Manifest

Forward manifest and customs documents


Once the consolidation is customs cleared, we induct the shipments into our distribution network.

eShipper provides companies with complete transparency of the shipping process by assigning you an ultimate tracking number direct from origin.

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