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We don't mean to be dramatic, but this is big news!

eShipper and the Toronto Region Board of Trade have partnered up to create a tailored shipping solution, just for members like you.

As a member of the Board, eShipper offers you savings and a new integrated shipping solution in the cloud.

Whether your needs are local or global, big or smaller in scale, we are your eShipping partner. We are with you every step of the way.

With eShipper’s platform already designed to give our customers amazing savings on shipping, our Toronto Region Board of Trade rates are second-to-none and are only available to businesses like yours.

Our Services.


eShipper only works with the most reputable carriers in the world to give our customers the best possible shipping services and rates available.


An eShipper exclusive trackable mail service, comparable to the postal service, for customers that ship domestically, to USA and Internationally.


Just like Courier, our LTL process is fully automated on our platform. We work with the most reputable freight companies in the region. Some of our carriers include Speedy, Roadrunner, FedEx Freight, Purolator Freight, and Day & Ross.

Shipping and fulfilling orders isn’t as simple as some might think.
When it comes to shipping, small to medium size businesses often experience a variety of pain points and challenges.

Pain Points.

Poor Customer Service

Lack of Shipping Options

Lack of Automation

Expensive Shipping Rates

"At eShipper, it’s our goal to make your life simpler, and help your business grow by saving you time and money on your shipping process."
-Imtiaz Kermali

Platform Benefits.

Competitive Rates

Competitive rates from the world's most trusted carriers

Full Tracking

Real-time tracking and tracing of shipments

International and Domestic Shipping

International and domestic shipping

In-House Customer Service

In-house customer service

Shopping Cart Integration

Shopping cart integrations

Pickup Services

Free pickup services

Here's How Much You Can Save:


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