Are you a logistics company seeking to partner with someone that can service North America and provide state of the art technology?

eOrder with eShipper integration serves as a one-stop warehouse and distribution (3PL), air and land global solution.

Our e-Order online Inventory Management Program offers a full suite of fulfillment solutions and services for e-retailers and traditional businesses.

eShipper’s fulfillment facility is equipped with our in-house, state-of-the-art software, as well as shipping and fulfillment personnel. By developing our program in-house and having it accessible on-line, we’ve created a “virtua” organization that provides our clients with the ability to access real time on-line data along withXML and API capabilities.

The benefits:

  • Through our XML and API technology, eShipper has the ability to be integrated into any website or e-commerce shopping carts.
  • The eShipper API solution allows you to provide your customers with real time shipping quotes as they go through their purchase process.
  • Our platform tallies all your orders and provides a batch print of all the courier compliant waybills without having to type any information, streamlining efficiencies and getting product to your customers faster.

Want to learn more about eOrder? Click here for a demo of eOrder.

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