Whether you are an international company or a transportation company seeking assistance with distribution across North America, eShipper has the solution for you.

eShipper extends overseas companies the ability to feed shipments directly into North American networks, no matter where in the world you are.

The process is simple:

  • Login, enter your shipping information and choose a carrier and service
  • Print and attach labels to your shipment
  • Consolidate and ship your packages to any North American port
  • Forward manifest and customs documents to your custom broker
  • Once the consolidation is customs cleared, we induct the shipments into the courier distribution network

eShipper provides companies with complete control of the shipping process by assigning you an ultimate tracking number direct from origin.

Not to mention, because of the strong and trusted partnerships we’ve built with carriers such as UPS, DHL, Purolator and FedEx, eShipper has the advantage of utilizing domestic courier pricing over international direct; cost savings which we deliver directly to you!

Today eShipper successfully consolidates for companies around the world including the UK, India, Dubai and China.

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