Consolidate and process all your North American bound shipments with eShipper.

Our suite of services allows international companies capabilities that mirror a North American based company.

How it works:

  • We’ll provide you with a North American tracking number and barcode.
  • Once the shipment arrives in North America, eShipper staff simply de-consolidate the shipment and ensure that it is directed to the appropriate courier company for ultimate delivery.

It’s that simple!
The consolidation process through eShipper is not only a great tool to streamline operational perspectives, but also helps streamline administration and customer service levels.

By providing an ultimate courier tracking number, employees are able to sign onto eShipper and view the status of their shipments instantaneously. This process assists in eliminating tedious calls to various customer service representatives, saving you time and money!

eShipper can assist any overseas company seeking to penetrate and expand into the North American market.